Saturday, September 12, 2015

Summer menu titbits.

Coming this Summer Wimbledon Open Sandwiches
·    Smoked Lamb and Chev’re,
·    Pimms gravlax and pickled cucumber
·    Roast beetroot feta and Sauerkraut

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Christmas at Notting Hill Kitchen

This is the Full Monty ,
 We are happy to chop and change to fit your desires
Min 20 px

     Devils on horseback  (prunes wrapped in bacon)
     Chicken and cognac pate on brioche crostini
      Caprice skewers, cherry tomato and bocconcini mozzarella.

Choice of Two

     Whole Scotch fillet with thyme and pepper crust.
              Horseradish and cider béchamel.
      Harmony Organic Ham on the bone ,Pineapple clove and Pimms glaze
     Whole Roast Salmon side with tamarind sugar crust  & toasted almond
      Turkey and chicken large pot pies.
Choice of Three

       Dill Potato Salad with Gherkin and gin mayo.
     Roasted root vegetables with rosemary
      Green leaf salad with asparagus and grapes
      Caesar salad with shaved parmesan and crispy bacon shards
      Cucumber and tomato sharp malt vinegar 70’s salad
      Stuffed whole baked pumpkin with quinoa raisin
      Cauliflower Cheese with broccoli spring onions and feta

Desert Buffet
Choice of Three

      Port marinated strawberries with Vanilla ice cream
      Apricot and rum cheesecake on gingernut crust.
      Orange and Almond GF dairy free cake  (torte de Santiago)
      Chocolate brownie
      Mini Christmas Mince pies (fruit)

$65.00 per head

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our dessert selection

Selection from our Dessert Cabinet 
Rhubarb apple crumble
peach and sherry cheesecake
BVI choc rum balls 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fresh Catch , on Quinoa Salad.

Fresh catch .
All fairly simple fare 
Simply fresh fish, Simple quinoa salad with
Mint and tomato dressing , a fresh play on a tartare.
Some crunchy raspberries just for the hell of it . 
keeping it simple , keeping it honest,
and making it look good.

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